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Jarvee is an automated social media management software most often used as an Instagram bot. It lets you manage multiple social media accounts automatically. This article will tell you what you need to know about Jarvee and Jarvee proxies.

Marketing on social media has become a must for many businesses in recent years. Most social media managers want to automate their tasks, and the Jarvee automation bot has become their go-to tool. Jarvee lets you automate social media, schedule posts across platforms and manage multiple accounts. Social media marketing companies use applications like Jarvee to manage and automate hundreds of social media accounts every day.

Advanced users know how to set up Jarvee for multiple accounts, automate their growth and engage the audience. But there’s not enough information out there about the Jarvee tool for new users. To make it easier, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about Jarvee to boost your social media presence across different platforms.

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What is Jarvee

jarvee Smartproxy integrations

Jarvee is a social media automation application that lets you schedule posts for Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites. Some people call Jarvee a bot, because it has the capability to completely automate multiple social media accounts. These accounts generate or reshare content automatically, follow and like other users, create groups and do other actions. Many marketers use Jarvee to grow their audience and open up a direct marketing or sales channel through direct messaging.

Jarvee is a Windows application, but MacOS or Linux users can run it on a virtual machine emulating Windows. It does offer a free 7-day trial, which is enough to find the best ways to use Jarvee.

How People are Using Jarvee to Automate Social Media

Jarvee is a complicated application with many uses. Like most social media automation tools, Jarvee lets you schedule posts, including images and videos. Besides original content, Jarvee allows you to schedule retweets and shares to reduce the amount of content you have to create. It also lets you manage likes, comments, follows, unfollows, Facebook groups and everything in between.

You can grow your Instagram account and make it look premium with thousands of followers, and hundreds of likes for each post.

You can use Jarvee in many ways. For example, you can grow your Instagram account and make it look premium with thousands of followers, and hundreds of likes for each post. Others choose to create direct marketing opportunities by targeting selected Facebook groups. Jarvee also lets you use spintax message templates to set up automated messaging for your followers.

Basic Jarvee Settings and Questions

There are several things to keep in mind before using Jarvee. First, Jarvee needs to be running in your Windows system to execute the tasks you want. You can also rent a virtual machine on a remote server that will emulate a Windows environment. Otherwise, your automation will only work when your computer is on and running Jarvee.
Basic settings in Jarvee deal with automation of the Jarvee bot and its action frequency. Sites like Facebook and Twitter want you to waste precious time doing everything manually, which is why they block auto-likes and instant follows. Jarvee lets you avoid things like Instagram action blocks by allowing you to set a preferred interval for each action.

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Jarvee social media automation

You have to research these settings in depth, as every site updates and changes its detection algorithms. For example, you can follow up to 1,000 accounts on Twitter each day, but the closer you get to that number, the more likely you are to get a block. Split that number into several days to stay safe and stay up to date about how these limits change. Remember: smaller is better if you do it continually and without blocks.

1. How to Set up a Social Media Account in Jarvee

Easy – just click the Social Profiles in your Jarvee dashboard and enter your details. Note that you can also add useful information if you are managing multiple accounts. For example, you can give it a unique name, tag, and description, which will help you remember what your goals are for an account.

Advanced Jarvee users also use the proxy details field to set up a custom connection for an account. For example, if you have to manage an account based in another country, use proxies from that country to avoid a block. Smartproxy helps you choose the highest quality residential proxies from any country in the world.

2. How to set a Post/Tweet Frequency in Jarvee

Set the Jarvee bot frequency on the Tools page. These settings also apply to follows and joins, in addition to many other social media actions you can do with your account. Set your actions per hour and the number of operations for every action you want to automate.

3. How to Import Settings from Followliker into Jarvee

Jarvee lets you import settings, whitelists, and posts from Followliker in the Social Profiles menu.

4. How to Create a Content Queue for any Account in Jarvee

To create a content queue in Jarvee, you have to add accounts into a Destination list. If you add several profiles into a single destination list, you can use it for a content campaign. Your content will be posted to all destination accounts in the list.

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Jarvee destination lists menuJarvee lets you set any number of destination lists
Your campaigns are located in the Campaign section in the Jarvee app. You can queue posts or reposts and retweets in there. If you worry about spamming low-quality content – edit every post in your campaign queue manually for the best results. To ensure you are queuing quality content, use filters for every action you want to automate.

Residential proxies are the best solution because your connections go through real IPs.


How to set up Proxies in Jarvee

Proxies in JarveeYou can set up a proxy for every account in Jarvee by entering your proxy settings in the social profile settings window. Proxies in Jarvee reduce your chance of getting flagged or blocked. Nevertheless, social networking sites have become very adept at sniffing out datacenter proxies. Residential proxies are the best solution because your connections go through real IPs. If you are managing multiple accounts for different clients, use a country-level targeted IPs for your client’s country. With Smartproxy, you can add country-level targeted IPs for every account in Jarvee.

See our instructions about setting up proxies in Jarvee.
Read our tips below and start automating your accounts on the most popular social networks with Jarvee. Remember, you don’t have to use every Jarvee function for your profile. You can disable the ones you don’t need and focus on what’s working best for you.

Instagram Automation with Jarvee – a Perfect Instagram Bot

Automating Instagram with Jarvee is very easy. Don’t be intimidated by the dozens of options in each tab. The basic frequency settings we’ve mentioned above are available in most of these pages. Manage them properly, and you’ll have about 80% of your Instagram automation done.

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Jarvee instagram bot
  • First, set your goals and know which audience you want to reach. You can use the scraping tool in the Social Profiles menu section to help you mine accounts and posts. This menu will help you plan your actions. For example, if you want to “steal” Instagram followers from a fitness lifestyle account, start following, liking and commenting Instagram profiles, which are active on your target account.
  • Account targeting: filter your targets by English use, follower numbers, activity, engagement metrics, etc. Make your growth easier by starting with a defined target audience.
  • Increase engagement on your Instagram bot account with automated likes for every comment under your posts. You can also auto-like your followers’ posts or use other options in the Likes tab. Use Filters for follows and shares to filter out any unwanted, low-quality content.
  • Do not forget to set a ‘Sleep time’ when your account will be inactive to make it look like a real person. Also, start with a smaller number of automated actions per day and increase them gradually
  • Avoid Instagram blocks by using residential proxies for each of the accounts you manage. Find out more here.


Twitter Automation with Jarvee

Automating Twitter in Jarvee is a bit easier than other social networks because you have a limited scope of actions you can take. You can set automation timers and limits for retweets, favorites and other actions. Twitter is more lenient towards retweets, so you can make good use of them to grow your account. Your other options are simple: unfollow users after a set time, favorite and contact targeted profiles. All of these functions bring more exposure to your profile.

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  • As with other social networks, make sure your follow sources (i.e., other accounts) are in your niche. Favorite Sources are great: enter your keywords and favorite posts in your niche or industry. You can also set your favorites to include only specific accounts.
  • Use the User Filters setting to avoid accounts that follow many other users. You will not get a lot of exposure on those accounts – if a profile follows thousands of others, your posts will have to compete with them all.
  • People tend to follow back, but you can follow only up to 5,000 users on Twitter. If you are close to that limit, start unfollowing more people than you are following with the Unfollow setting in Jarvee. You can whitelist accounts, set actions and limits as with any other action.
  • Automate your favorites with simple to use limits. The Favorite setting in Jarvee lets you unfavorite automatically. Use it to set a limit for the number of favorites your account has at any time. Make sure you filter tweets you are favoriting. Filters will let you only target recent tweets that have enough virality. Also, you can choose to skip retweets to have less unoriginal content.
  • Retweets settings are simple: skip mentions, linked or non-English tweets, etc. You can also add comments to automatic retweets. Another neat thing – you can pick tweets in your range by retweets and by recency. Make sure you have a good list of accounts and keywords you want to target.

Use the User Filters setting to avoid accounts that follow many other users. You will not get a lot of exposure on those accounts – if a profile follows thousands of others, your posts will have to compete with them all.

  • Clean up your account – remove tweets and retweets automatically. You can set Jarvee to delete old tweets after any number of days. You can also choose to remove only the ones that did not get enough likes or retweets.
  • Contact – use direct messages to welcome new followers, send mass messages to the follower base of any target accounts. DMs are an excellent way to promote products, but you shouldn’t overdo it to avoid a block. Keep it under 200 messages a day to stay safe. Jarvee bot also lets you set automatic replies or welcome messages for new followers. If you use an automated message, use the spintax field with the standard format { | } to make them unique.
  • Don’t forget to use proxies if you are managing multiple Twitter accounts. Find out more here.


Facebook Automation with Jarvee

Automating Facebook is one of the most interesting things you can do in Jarvee. Facebook gives you a lot of ways to engage others, and you can automate every one of them. For example, you can automate and grow your Facebook groups to have a direct channel to your audience. You can choose to automate many actions to get more followers. For example, reshare relevant content from target accounts with a customized message.

Automate Facebook bot Jarvee
  • Your main settings deal with action frequency and limits. Set a sleep time and have a residential proxy to help you with automated actions on several accounts.
  • Find your target audience – use Jarvee Group Finder to extract target groups by keywords. Then, send out requests to join these groups automatically. Alternatively, track your competitors by extracting other pages in your industry with the Page Finder.
  • Automate Facebook posts, group posts, and sharing by making a destination list and creating a campaign.
  • Manage and grow Facebook groups automatically: accept new members, auto-invite friends and bump posts.
  • Start using automated likes and comments on Facebook. They increase your reach and expose your profile or page to your target audience.
  • Manage multiple accounts without restrictions by using residential proxies. Find out more about Facebook proxies here.

Use Residential Proxies for the Greatest Success

If you are automating social media with Jarvee (especially if you are managing several accounts at the same time) you need to use proxies. Otherwise, you can get your accounts blocked. To avoid this social media managers use trusted proxy providers with high-quality residential proxies. A residential proxy lets you connect Jarvee to your social media profile through the IP of a legitimate device. Limit automated actions and enjoy growing your account with Jarvee.

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Proxy management interface in JarveeProxy management interface in Jarvee


And that’s it! If you run into trouble when using Jarvee for social media automation, you can contact Jarvee’s support in the software application. Remember to keep your automation settings low-key, because sites like Instagram are always making automated actions more difficult. If you want to manage multiple accounts, grab a residential proxy plan for Jarvee today and start cracking!

Click here to visit our settings and configurations page to find out how to set up rotating residential proxies in Jarvee.

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