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June 03, 2021
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Jarvee Review: Everything You Need To Know For Social Media Automation

First things first – social media automation is old news. Marketers have been scheduling posts and managing ads on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for over a decade. Why do they set off on such a quest? All sorts of reasons: content generation, automated messages, follower creation, and whatnot.

One of the tools for boosting social media activities was Jarvee, most commonly used for Instagram. With Jarvee, any number of social media accounts was easy to manage and automate.

Social media automation with Jarvee
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What is Jarvee?

Just for the record – Jarvee has been permanently closed, and is no longer available to the public. All good? Okay, let’s go then.

Jarvee was a social media automation application that let you schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube, and some other social media websites. Some peeps call Jarvee a bot because it could fully automate multiple social media accounts.

What does “automate” mean? Generating or resharing content automatically, scheduling posts with videos and images, publishing comments, following and liking other users, creating groups, and everything in between, really. You could grow your social media profiles and make them look premium with thousands of followers and hundreds of likes for each post.

To paint a bigger picture, peek at the screenshot below and notice the variety of functions that Jarvee enabled you to automate on Instagram:

Automating social media with Jarvee

At first glance, using Jarvee might seem more difficult than managing a social media account manually. But that’s just a trick of the light. Once you clicked around and customize the settings you need, your accounts would take a life of their own, growing followers, gaining and giving out likes, following and unfollowing users.

Jarvee had settings for basically every feature on a social media site. For example, you could set it to follow only the commenters or influencers in a relevant niche. That way, Jarvee engaged only the audience that is targeted for your account.

Jarvee was like a versatile social media manager. The only limits it had are the ones you'd set. If your settings were good, Jarvee would act like a real human being.

Why people would go for Jarvee

There’s an abundance of reasons why so many people have become smitten with Jarvee. Among all those reasons, we believe that these are the main ones:

Unlimited accounts

Yes, you’ve read it right – unlimited account automation. You could literally run hundreds of automated social media accounts and carve out a niche for yourself without being banned. To avoid being detected, you’d need a reliable proxy network, but the extra cost is well worth it as your accounts will keep growing automatically.

Multipurpose functions

Since Jarvee letsyou automate audiences, comments, follower growth, and more, it'd make you feel like the king of your social media world. Besides, the time and frequency settings made each account unique and eminently human-like.

Convenient design

Jarvee’s team surely knew what they were doing because every setting, checkbox, and slider is easy to understand and 100% user-friendly. Jarvee was a handy tool whose features are designed to make your automation processes smooth and trouble-free.

Social media automation with Jarvee

Instagram automation

Jarvee Instagram proxy

You wouldn’t break out in a cold sweat while automating Instagram with Jarvee. True, there were dozens of options in each tab on your dashboard but they were crystal clear, handy, and user-friendly. If you managed your basic frequency settings properly, you’d have about 80% of your Instagram automation done.

You could also increase engagement on your Instagram bot account with automated likes for every comment under your posts. You could auto-like your followers’ posts or use other options in the Likes tab, or use Filters for follows and shares to filter out any unwanted, low-quality content.

Twitter automation

Jarvee Twitter proxy

Twitter differs from other social media websites in the way that it mainly centers around tweets and retweets. This also means that automating Twitter on Jarvee was even easier than automating Instagram.

When automating Twitter with Jarvee, it was crucial to mind the limits. Yes, people do follow back. But did you know that you can follow only up to 5,000 users on Twitter? If you were close to that limit, you could unfollow more people than you’re following with the Unfollow setting. You could whitelist accounts, set actions and limits as with any other action.

You could also use Favorite setting to put a limit for the number of favorites your account may have at a time. Or, filter tweets you’re favoriting. Filters would let you target only those tweets that are recent and viral enough.

Last but not least, you could work with your retweets. The Retweets setting on Jarvee enabled you to skip mentions, linked or non-English tweets, etc. In addition, you could add comments to automatic retweets. Another neat thing – you could pick tweets in your range depending on both retweets and recency.

Facebook automation

Jarvee Facebook proxy

Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild is a space with literally bazillions of ways to engage with others, and you could automate every one of them! For example, you could automate and grow your Facebook groups to have a direct channel to your audience or reshare relevant content from target accounts with a customized message.

With Facebook, it's particularly important when talking about Facebook is that you should defo join relevant groups.

So, you could ue Group Finder on Jarvee to extract target groups by keywords. Then, you'd send out requests to join them automatically. Alternatively, you may track your competitors by extracting other pages in your industry with Page Finder. In addition, you could manage and grow Facebook groups automatically: accept new members, auto-invite friends, and block unwanted posts.

Jarvee settings

You know that fierce, never-ending fight between Windows and Mac users? So… Jarvee was a Windows application. Yes, yes, yes, we can already hear Mac or Linux users kicking up a fuss. 

However, Mac or Linux users could run Jarvee on a virtual machine emulating Windows. You could also rent a server with Windows OS and connect to it through a remote desktop app. Besides, Jarvee has a free 5-day trial, which was enough to find the best ways to use this software.

Basic settings in Jarvee were all about the automation of the Jarvee bot and its action frequency. Sites like Facebook and Twitter want you to perform tasks manually, which is why they block auto-likes and instant follows. With Jarvee, you could avoid blocks by setting a preferred interval for each action:

Jarvee settings

How to set up a social media account

Setting up an account on Jarvee was a doddle. You'd click on the Social Profiles button on the Jarvee dashboard and enter your details. What can sweep you off your feet is the fact that you could also add useful information when managing multiple accounts. For example, you could create unique names, tags, and descriptions, which will help you remember your goals for a specific account better.

How to set a post/tweet frequency

This one was hiding on the Tools page and applied to many other social media actions, including follows and joins. All you'd need to do here was specify the number of operations for every action and decide on how often those actions should be repeated per hour.

How to import settings from Follow Liker to Jarvee 

Follow Liker is an automation service that provides bot tools for social media websites. Jarvee let you import settings, whitelists, and posts from Follow Liker via the Social Profiles feature.

How to create a content queue for any account

To create a content queue, you'd lump accounts into groups using the Destination Lists function. Once you put several profiles into a single destination list, you could use this list for a content campaign. Your content would be posted on all the accounts that belong to a specific destination list. On top of that, Jarvee didn’t limit the number of destination lists.

Why proxies and Jarvee are inseparable friends

Social media websites are getting better at detecting and blocking automated accounts. For example, this has become a real pain in the neck for people who run more than four Instagram profiles. One of the most important pieces of information that Insta used to detect Jarvee users were their IP address. If several profiles had the same IP address, they’re very likely to get blocked and even banned.

This is where proxies would rush to rescue because they can change IP addresses. Sure, social media isn’t as thick as two short planks. Social sites are acutely aware of proxies so what they started to do is ban known proxies by checking whether an IP address is registered under an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If it’s not, they treat this IP as created at a data center and ban it almost in the blink of an eye.

Residential proxies for social media automation

Although social networking sites have become very adept at sniffing out datacenter proxies, there’s a way to outsmart them. All you need is trusted proxies registered with an ISP, which in this case is residential proxies.

Residential proxies are the best solution because they make connection requests through real IPs. Here, at Smartproxy, we allow you to add country- or city-level targeted IPs. So if you manage multiple accounts for different clients based in different countries, use proxies from their countries to avoid blocks. 

This is particularly important for users who buy social media accounts because they need to connect to the accounts from the countries they were created in. Residential proxies will significantly reduce the chances of getting flagged or blocked.

You can set up a residential proxy for every account on Jarvee by entering your proxy settings on the Social Profile Settings window. Simply use the Proxy Details field to set up a custom connection for an account. For more details on setting up proxies on Jarvee, see our instructions.

Change your IP address with proxies

Summing everything up

Jarvee was a great tool for social media automation; unfortunately, it's not anymore available for the public. If you wanted to make the most out of your social accounts, you'd have to combine Jarvee with residential proxies.

Got any questions? Contact our sales team that is there for you 24/7.


James Keenan

Senior content writer

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

Frequently asked questions

Which social media websites could I target with Jarvee?

Jarvee would allow you to automate all your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, and Tumblr.

Which proxies work best for social media automation?

Snatch only residential proxies to boost your social media performance without getting flagged.

What actions could I automate with Jarvee?

It depends on which social media website you target and what functions that website offers to its users. Yet, by and large, you could create an automation setting that would generate or reshare your content, schedule posts with videos and images, publish comments, follow and like other users, create groups. Basically, everything.

Could I use Jarvee on Mac?

Technically, no because Jarvee was a Windows app. However, Mac users could run Jarvee on a virtual machine emulating Windows or, alternatively, rent a server with Windows OS and connect to it through a remote desktop app.

What should I remember when automating actions for social media?

Pretty humble advice – remain human. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all getting better at detecting bots and automated actions. So keep your automation settings low-key and set up inactive periods to simulate sleep and avoid detection.

Can I manage multiple social media accounts without Jarvee?

Yes, but be aware of your fingerprint. Browser fingerprinting is a technique that identifies internet users and tracks their activity online. To enable you to use a number of browsers at the same time without any risk, we’ve developed X-Browser.

With this multi-profile anti-detection management tool from Smartproxy, you can hide and control your digital footprint. Get a unique fingerprint for each profile so that all of them would be traced back to different users instead of you. Neat, right?

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