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December 19, 2022
7 minutes read

Meet New Shared Datacenter Proxy Pricing – Pay per IP

Another day, another big announcement. This time, it’s us releasing a new shared datacenter proxy pricing option that gives a three times cheaper entry point. Yep, we’re not kiddin’ – the pricing starts from $10 a month with an option to customize your subscription plan. Sounds bussin’? Then get ready to meet our new MVP – Pay per IP!

Meet New Shared Datacenter Proxy Pricing – Pay per IP
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  • Meet New Shared Datacenter Proxy Pricing – Pay per IP

What’s Pay per IP?

In a nutshell, Pay per IP is a pricing option for shared datacenter proxies. With it, you pay only for the features you currently want by customizing your subscription plan. You get an option to scale those features when you need, so it’s simple to keep your costs low. Choose:

  • Number of IPs;
  • Amount of traffic;
  • Preferred locations.

And, of course… Enjoy a high-quality datacenter IP pool worldwide with a <0.3s average speed and 99.99% uptime. Seamlessly configure proxies in major browsers and devices, such as Android or iPhone, and integrate them with any software, bots, or scripts, including iOS and Windows operating systems. 

Get the shiny benefits and use our shared datacenter proxies to skyrocket your projects. Need to collect publicly accessible data en masse pocket-friendly? Thinkin’ about accessing geo-restricted content in websites and streaming media channels, such as YouTube? Wanna stay anonymous and secure, protect your personal or business data from potential cyber attacks? Do it all with no hassle!

How does Pay per IP differ from Pay per GB?

Don’t know which pricing option to choose for shared datacenter proxies? Got you – let’s explore the differences between Pay per IP and Pay per GB:

How does Pay per IP differ from Pay per GB

On a final note

Well, one thing we know for a fact – our shared datacenter proxies allow you to enjoy flexible pricing and premium proxy quality. With Pay per IP, you can scale your subscription plan to the max by choosing the number of IPs, specific locations, and traffic amount. 

Sharing datacenter IPs doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Try dedicated datacenter proxies and enjoy complete ownership of private static IPs in the US with unlimited traffic.


James Keenan

Senior content writer

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

Frequently asked questions

What are datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies are remote computers with their own IP addresses. They act as an intermediary between you and the target website: instead of connecting to the website directly, your request goes via datacenter proxies to hide any identifying personal information.

DC proxies share subnets which makes them easier to block compared to the more resilient residential proxies. However, since datacenter proxies are running on insanely fast machines, their connection speed and stability are definitely better – and speed can sometimes be the most important factor for your scraping projects.

What are shared proxies?

Shared proxies let you save money and use unlimited IP addresses at the same time. It means that several users might get the same proxy, but we make sure it doesn’t impact your projects’ success. We place no limits on the number of IPs you use, unless you choose the Pay per IP pricing option!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments with Credit Cards, PayPal, Alipay, and cryptocurrencies. With Smart Wallet, two additional payment methods are available (Google Pay and Apple Pay). All orders are processed by our online reseller which is a Merchant of Record for these orders. To contact Paddle’s support team, reach out via

What is Smart Wallet?

Smart Wallet securely stores money and allows you to manage payments with no fuss. You can access your Smart Wallet on the dashboard and use it for any Smartproxy’s product you want to purchase.

The tool works with both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions; in addition, one credit equals one dollar. With Smart Wallet, you can choose between seven payment methods, including the mobile ones: Apple Pay and Google Pay. When you purchase a subscription directly from your bank account, these two payment methods aren’t available.

Payments with Smart Wallet are non-refundable. However, you can get the credits back to your Smart Wallet, and use it for any other product of your choice. Keep in mind that your credits in Smart Wallet expire in 12 months if not being used.

How was the datacenter proxies speed testing done?

Speed was tested using Python requests and time libraries by noting the time before sending a request and after receiving a response. We sent 500 requests per endpoint to the website. After receiving 500 HTTP 200 response codes, we divided the total time by 500 to determine the average response time. We tested speed with both US and European endpoints. Requests were sent from a US VPN server when connecting to US proxies and from Germany’s VPN when connecting to European proxies. The test was conducted using a rotating session type with Python 3.9.6. version. Check the Python code example in our help docs.

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