Instagram Automation Software

James Keenan

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Social media platforms are vitally important to businesses competing for precious market share. Success on social media platforms translates into big sales boosts in the real world. But even for established businesses, building a social media presence takes time. Instagram automation software with IG proxies can be used to speed the process up in a number of ways.

But what exactly is Instagram automation software? Does it work as advertised and, most importantly, will anyone be able to tell you are using it? Good questions, grasshopper.

What is Instagram Automation Software?

Instagram automation software refers to a variety of tools that are used to emulate the actions of a person on Instagram. These tools might automatically post or share content, or they can increase an account’s follower count.

instagram automation software

Instagram automation software can also create bots – user profiles that are automated and controlled by scripts rather than a person. Both automation software and bots are now integral components of the platform.

What is Instagram Automation Software Used For?

The primary purpose of Instagram automation software is to save time. Using it to handle most aspects of running social media accounts enables people to focus on those areas that require a distinctly human touch. Using automation software also increases an influencer’s presence and exposure on the platform.

Automation software can also be used to increase your follower count on Instagram. The more users your account interacts with, the greater the chances of them reciprocating. Some automation tools will follow and like the content of thousands of other profiles chosen largely at random in order to generate likes for their users. There is also a market for likes from bot accounts whereby users can pay for a certain number of bots to visit their accounts and begin following them.

What Instagram Automation Tool Should I Use?

With so many options to choose from, choosing the right Instagram automation tool can be a challenge. There is a lot of overlap in terms of features, so it’s about finding the tools that you find easiest to use.

For example, Jarvee is a Windows-based social media automation suite you can use with all major social media platforms. Its Instagram automation tools are among the most advanced out there. In addition to automating the most basic functions of Instagram, Jarvee can also research hashtags, identify the most important keywords to target for your niche. Users can combine this hashtag research with Jarvee’s dynamic hashtags feature to automatically circle key hashtags and multiply the impact of their posts.

Another popular tool is Follow Liker. Follow Liker is comparatively simple when compared to Jarvee, and is easier to use as a result. This is a recurring theme with automation software – the most capable software also tends to be the most difficult to use. There are automation tools to suit all skill levels, some require no prior knowledge at all. Others are more complex.

The best Instagram automation tool for you and your purposes will depend entirely upon your individual situation. Decide exactly what you want to use automation for before you decide what product to purchase before moving on to buying Instagram proxies.

Detecting an Automated Instagram Account

As we said above, automation software is a tool and it is up to the user to decide how to wield it. When it’s used badly, automation software can end up harming your reputation. If people begin to suspect that your account is purely automated by bots, they are less likely to interact with you.

An automated Instagram can be used to improve customer engagement with your profile, but it needs to be paired with genuine human activity. Otherwise, another human who comes to your profile will quickly realize they are interacting with an automated Instagram account.

There is also an upper limit to the rate of activity that users are allowed on Instagram before an automated shadowban is handed out. An >Instagram shadowban means that your interactions on Instagram will be invisible and muted to everyone else, although everything will appear normal to you. When a suspected bot is shadowbanned, there is no warning from Instagram, which means that many times the bot’s owner doesn’t realize something is amiss at first. This necessitates a degree of restraint if you do plan on using automation software. If the behavior of your bot is too artificial, it will trigger a permanent ban.

Automation tools have become an integral part of the way that social media platforms functions and Instagram is no exception. Individuals and businesses who want to get noticed as quickly as possible can reduce their lead time by employing automation software. However, in order to be effective, Instagram automation software needs to be used the right way.

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