How to Avoid Action Blocks on Instagram in 2019

James Keenan

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Many Instagram users have noticed new restrictions on the platform in recent months. More accounts are getting action blocks, and it is getting more difficult to use the platform efficiently.

We believe this is happening because of an algorithm update which has impacted all Instagram users.
Instagram bots proxies
As of now, Instagram users and bots are getting action blocks for simple like and follow actions. Manual accounts are also getting action blocks, mostly from following too many profiles.

Some users were complaining online about action blocks since late April.

What to do about Instagram action blocks

Action blocks go away over time. They are more like cool-down measures Instagram uses. To have an easier time, use other actions with your accounts, and do not only like and follow others.

Use commenting on the platform, as it is an important metric Instagram uses to know you are a real person. Also, if you are using Jarvee or other Instagram bots, try to keep your follow limits under 200 follows a day because that seems like the newest threshold where Instagram starts action blocking.

action blocks on instagram

At the moment, there is no information from Instagram whether their update will remain in place, even though it does impact so many users. As people are complaining, some are moving onto other social media platforms, but the smartest thing to do now is to adjust your like/follow ratios.

Use only residential proxies for Instagram

Instagram blocks automated accounts if it discovers they are using the same IP address. At the moment, Instagram allows up to 4 accounts per IP address. Proxies let you change your IP address and look like a new users, BUT not all proxies are equal.

Datacenter proxies are created at large data centers, and their IP addresses are not registered with Internet service providers (ISPs) as regular users.

smartproxy rotating proxy server

Instagram checks IP addresses and usually bans datacenter IP addresses (and VPNs) pretty quickly. To avoid getting a ban on Instagram, you must look like a unique user, so you need a new IP address of a real device. These IP addresses are called residential IPs or residential proxies. We recommend you use residential proxies with sticky IP sessions for Instagram. These sessions let you use the same IP address for 10 minutes, which is enough for a quick session: some follows, likes and a comment or two.

Remember, do not abuse your Instagram account by following and liking too many accounts. Instagram is limiting all users at the moment, so you need to take a less-is-more approach and work for the long term.

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