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May 21, 2021
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How Instagram Account Creation Happens

If you are a social media marketing wizard, you probably have dozens of Instagram accounts. You know the value that each account can have for your business niche. And sometimes, you need to get down to business and register dozens of accounts in a day. Ever since we’ve started working with social media managers and supplying them with Instagram proxies, we’ve found out that Instagram account creation is still a lost art for many people.

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The value of an IG account

Digital marketing is moving towards a completely social model, where industries must have their own social media profiles irrespectively of their company size. For example, many fitness, beauty, and nutrition entrepreneurs find that their profiles must be active and engaged to generate interest in their products, services, or expertise.

Instagram accounts are extremely valuable to every visual industry, especially painting, sculpture, and even glass-work. With the audience IG can muster, it is no surprise that some visual artists are moving completely to the platform and making sales through DMs. To them, their Insta account is invaluable.

But what if you’re just starting out? What value does a fresh Instagram account have for you? Well, an account on its own might not be worth much, but whenever you start to amass a following, the value also grows immensely.

Since many entrepreneurs and marketers have multiple business ventures, they need separate accounts for each of them. After all, social media platforms like Instagram tend to funnel users into bubbles and interest groups, which is why it is better to have a separate account for each market vertical.

Creating Instagram accounts

There are many options for getting Instagram accounts. Some people choose to buy Instagram accounts off Fiverr or Upwork, while others hire freelancers to create the accounts for them. Larger businesses usually outsource social media communications to marketing agencies altogether and let them manage account creation and posting.

These agencies use their own methods to safely create, manage and grow Instagram followings. Nevertheless, it all starts with a proper Instagram account creation process. There are several ways to make multiple Instagram accounts.

Instagram account creators

There are people whose sole specialty is Instagram account creation. What they do first is they generate new email addresses and phone SIM cards to authenticate the accounts. Afterwards, IG account creators sell them to clients around the world.

Even though this is a widespread thing, the bulk of these accounts might be hard to use: their authentication numbers are not transferred with the account, the email security might also be sketchy, and IG servers might block the account as soon as it discovers that you have logged into it from another country.

Instagram account creation in bulk – doing it yourself

Account creation is a tedious process, and if you want to do it yourself, you must get a bulk account creation tool. How it works, is that a script such as PVA Creator creates accounts for you. Usually, the setup is rather simple, but you need to test our such tools before jumping to create bulk IG accounts for important clients. In general, these scripts can also create email accounts and profiles for most websites. That also means that they have limited specialty in any site, including Instagram.

Guide to Instagram automation

Instagram account creator bots

There are dozens of Instagram bots that let you create accounts. These bots tend to be more effective on Insta, as they are specialized and updated to suit any changes to the IG platform. Instagram account creation bots also tend to be more expensive and under the radar. Their developers lurk in anonymous forums and only accept direct transactions. If you’re with a company, good luck trying to get an official invoice from them!

Making unlimited Instagram accounts yourself

Whether you use a script, bot or do it manually, you are completely capable to create unlimited numbers of Instagram accounts. It takes some trial and error, but eventually, you will find a formula that works to create, age, and use those accounts for max value.

Currently, the best practices for making unlimited Instagram accounts are: good Instagram proxies to make the IP address of every account unique. Next, you must delete browser cookies, use Insta app emulators or reinstall the app for every 3-4 accounts you create (and remove any information from your phone). If you are creating accounts on a PC, be sure to use a user agent changer extension on your browser or better yet, start using a multi profile browser.

Create accounts after the limit

If you are thinking about creating a few accounts after the limit (which currently is set at 3-4 accounts per user), you should follow the tips above and use a different device or simply create the impression of a separate device via a new IP address, user agent, and email provider.

Infinite Instagram accounts?

While all of this might seem like a dream come true – creating unlimited accounts, automating them, and just relaxing while your marketing takes off, it’s not that simple. You have to spend a massive amount of time and effort to manage even a dozen IG accounts. This is especially true when Instagram updates its automation detection algorithms, which is when marketers have to scramble and change their approach.

Instagram logo

Overdoing it is also possible, as more IG users experience action blocks in 2019 than ever before. Instagram, in an effort to block the infinity of automated accounts, has started blocking its most active users, too.


James Keenan

Senior content writer

The automation and anonymity evangelist at Smartproxy. He believes in data freedom and everyone’s right to become a self-starter. James is here to share knowledge and help you succeed with residential proxies.

Frequently asked questions

How to create multiple Instagram accounts?

The Instagram app lets you create multiple accounts. The limit is set at 3-4 accounts per user, and you can create an account by going to your profile and tapping the little arrow next to your profile name. A popup menu will appear with the option to Add Account. From there, you can add, manage and switch between several IG accounts.

How to make more Instagram accounts after the limit?

To create more than 4 Instagram accounts, you need either a new device or Instagram proxies to change your IP address and give you the option to create more accounts.

How to make unlimited Instagram accounts?

Making unlimited Instagram accounts requires proxies, account creation scripts or bots, different device user agents, and a lot of trial and error for you to find the method that works best.

My new IG accounts are getting blocked – what can I do?

Instagram action blocks are getting annoying. Try changing your automation settings and use only the highest quality proxies. For more info, read our article about IG action blocks.

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