Choose your fighter: Smartproxy vs. Bright Data

Mariam Nakani

Say hello to Mariam! She is very tech savvy - and wants you to be too. She has a lot of intel on residential proxy providers, and uses this knowledge to help you have a clear view of what is really worth your attention.

Formerly known as Luminati, Bright Data has its audience, but how does it stack up against us? The more info you know, the easier it is to find the provider that speaks your language.

Proxyway has just released its Market Research, and the deeds you can find in it are more than telling. If you prefer quick and easy onboarding, affordable pricing, free extras, and a customer support crew that replies instantly, our service will be your cup of tea.

This is what we’ll talk about:

Features – you get more unique IPs with Smartproxy

Smartproxy has more freebies

Smartrpoxy is a bargain

Bright Data’s onboarding will have you sweating

You won’t be left of ‘seen’ with Smartproxy

 Pick the best proxy provider



Pool size & performance/ You get more unique IPs with Smartproxy

While Bright Data’s pool size is 72M, and we offer 40M, the quality of these proxy pools must be taken into account if you want to have a clear view of what these sizes can offer.

Proxyway gave Bright Data an A- despite the fact that their pool size is bigger. Why did this happen?

Proxyway sent out over 2M requests, and found that, besides other metrics, Bright Data had 1,082,528 unique IPs. We have more – 1,224,255. This is a big deal – the more unique IPs you get, the more successful your requests will be.

If you want to know more about performance, we lead the way with a response time of less than 1 second! Bright Data is not too far behind with over 1 second.

More unique IPs with Smartproxy

Locations, IP rotation & user experience/ Smartproxy has more freebies

Both us and Bright Data offer global locations and global targeting (including country targeting). However, city targeting and ASN targeting will cost extra if you choose Bright Data, whereas we offer 8 cities and 50 US States right off the bat.

Both providers have the IP rotation covered – we added 30 min. intervals for sticky sessions (besides the usual 1 min. and 10 min.), and Bright Data lets you customize your rotation.

The dashboards have the features you’ll need, including usage stats, proxy setup, access to support, billing, and balance.

Proxy pool performance

What about some cool extras? Let’s start with our latest releases – besides the good old Proxy Address Generator, we have just released our Search Engine Proxies and the X Browser tool!

Search Engine Proxies guarantee a 100% success rate when gathering SERP data (you know, the new craze). You can get your results in raw HTML or parsed JSON, and you will only have to pay for successful requests!

When it comes to security, the X Browser tool will guarantee the safety of all your profiles by giving them unique fingerprints! These tools will def come in handy, and X Browser is included in your monthly subscription price.

Now, talking about browser extensions, both providers offer Chrome, and we also have our own Firefox extension. If your interest peaks when you see the words “web scraping”, Bright Data’s Search Engine Crawler, Data Collector, and Data Unblocked might be worth your attention.

Choose the best fighter in the proxy ring


Smartproxy is a bargain

Proxy prices per GB

Smartproxy and Bright Data have a lot to offer, but what about the money you will have to leave at the counter?

To be blunt, none of the two providers in the Proxyway’s research report scored higher than a C. However, that’s exactly what we got, and Bright Data was graded an E – let’s look at the reasoning behind this.

The Best Value Provider award

Bright Data offers a credit-based model next to its monthly subscription option, which is def a redeeming quality if we look at the prices themselves. Bright Data’s pricing model is quite harsh – the prices are higher than ours and exceed those of some other providers too, with add-ons costing extra dough.

It’s worth mentioning that we are a cheaper option when it comes to all other providers, and only when you need more than 1 TB of data, then you might start seeing other players emerge as more affordable options.

What about free trials and refunds? We offer a refund if after 3 days of use you don’t feel like continuing – and Bright Data offer both a trial and a refund.



Bright Data’s onboarding will have you sweating

Well, Bright Data reigns supreme here with an onboarding procedure that may take you a good while – not only will you need an ID, but also a picture or a video call. We don’t play around – you can access the proxies right after answering a few basic KYC questions.
A draining onboarding process


Customer Success

You won’t be left on ‘seen’ with Smartproxy

The documentation that both providers have is a serve, but what about the people that you can count on? Well, here are some facts:

  • Both us and Bright Data have 24/7 customer support.
  • The response times are vastly different: the Smartproxy gang responds immediately, and Bright Data takes its sweet time (25 min. via chat).
  • You can reach us through live chat and email, and Bright Data accepts calls, WhatsApp messages, Skype, chat, and email.

Our documentation packs a sweet punch with info covering all of its tools as well as major bots and scrapers, and the mega fast support is more than encouraging. Come say hi!

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Frequently asked questions

Are Bright Data and Smartproxy legit proxy service providers?

Both Bright Data and Smartproxy are perfectly legit providers. Buying proxies is legal – you just have to make sure that the way you’re using them doesn’t step on any legal boundaries.

Do Smartproxy and Bright Data offer static and rotating IPs?

Bright Data offers static IPs, and we offer rotating ones – the advanced algorithms let you keep your IP for up to 1, 10, or 30 minutes in so-called long sticky sessions.

Do Smartproxy and Bright Data offer residential and datacenter proxies?

Yes, both providers offer residential and datacenter proxies.

Which provider has a bigger network of residential proxies – Smartproxy or Bright Data?

At the moment, Bright Data has the biggest proxy network, reaching over 70 million IPs. In comparison, we offer over 40 million IPs. However, our pool has more unique IPs (63,62% vs. Bright Data’s 51,04%), and our proxies are ethically sourced.