What You Need to Know About Adidas Proxies

James Keenan

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If you want to get the latest Adidas limited release, you must have a good Adidas sneaker bot AND some premium Adidas proxies. This article will tell you what makes a proxy good for Adidas releases.

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When you cop shoes online, you must be as fast as possible. You not only have to use a bot, but you also need to count in the little details: is your PC or VPS fast? Is your internet connection at top speed?

What you need to be fast on Adidas drops

A good server or PC will make your bot run smoothly even with hundreds of tasks, but that’s only a small part of the puzzle. You own internet connection also makes a difference, but the greatest challenge is combining these two elements with the best proxies for top performance.

Consider how you connect to a sneaker site: your connection request goes out through your local ISP, then reaches Adidas’ servers and is sent back. Now add in a sneaker proxy for that connection. Suddenly, your connection request is going to the proxy server, then to the Adidas server, back to the proxy and only then – to you.

If you are a pro hypebeast, you are running hundreds of sneaker bot tasks and hundreds of residential sneaker proxies. Since a proxy not only changes your IP address, but also adds another stop in for your connection request, you have a variation in speed.

Every residential proxy is in a different location – some are further away from the target server, others are really close. That variation is the trade-off you get from the security of residential proxies: less bans, more lag.

Smartproxy sneaker proxies

The location of a proxy is what makes you fast or slow. Adidas proxies are usually located in the same area as Adidas servers. That is what makes Adidas proxies great – they reduce lag when copping Adidas shoes.

How to use residential Adidas proxies to the max

First, you must have location targeting ON with your proxies. You can do this by going to the dashboard tab called Endpoints and choosing an endpoint that is closest to your target server. You must target the location of an Adidas server with the proxy node to get the fastest speed possible.

For example, if you want to cook a release on adidas.DE, set up a German proxy for the sneaker bot and you will only be using residential IPs in Germany. This will make you a lot faster than the competition.

And that’s it!

All that makes a proxy into an Adidas proxy is its location. You can check the location for each drop by entering the IP address of an Adidas site in or any other similar site. Then just choose a proxy location in the dashboard and copy the endpoint into your sneaker bot.

Frequently asked questions about Adidas proxies


What are the best proxies for Adidas?

Residential proxies are hands-down the best proxies to use on Adidas drops. These proxies look like real mobile and desktop devices, which is why they are extremely hard to detect and block. If you are running many tasks on Adidas, choose residential proxies with location targeting and target locations that are closest to the Adidas servers.

Can I use Adidas proxies with a bot?

Of course, you can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP/HTTPS Proxies. Smartproxy residential-level IP addresses work great with all sneaker bots, including AIO bots.

How much do Adidas proxies cost?

Highest quality residential Adidas proxies cost starts at $75 / month for an UNLIMITED number of proxies. Our pricing is based on traffic used, not number of proxies, so you can run over a thousand sneaker bot tasks without any issues!