August 02, 2021
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5 tips how to pick the best sneaker proxies

Whether you’re a sworn sneakerhead or just a hypebeast getting into the sneaker game, you understand the importance of sneaker bots in this crazy shoe world. Yet, don’t forget that when looking for the next best thing, it’s as much about the best sneaker proxies as it is about the best bot.

Let’s dive deeper into the pool of sneaker proxies and find out what the best sneaker proxies are and how to use them so that you could stay ahead of others.

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What is a sneaker proxy?

By and large, sneaker proxies are no different from any other proxies. They receive your connection request, forward it to a sneaker server, and change your IP in the process. Yet, many tasks and not enough proxies is what gets you banned.

You need a proxy network that scales with your tasks. Locations are important too. If you are cooking multiple brands, you will need to target various locations around the globe. That’s why a global proxy network with geo-targeting is extremely handy here.

So, before you get your ass banned with cheap proxies on SNKRS or wherever you cook, let’s define four major elements that make some proxies stand out among the rest.

So what are those 5 secret tips how to pick the best sneaker proxies?

#1 Choose residential proxies

The best sneaker proxies are always residential proxies. They look like real mobile and desktop devices, which makes them unlikely to be banned or detected.

Datacenter proxies (basically the only alternative to residentials) are no match. The problem is that their IPs don’t have any internet service provider (ISP) info attached to them and their addresses look the same, e.g.,, etc.

sneakerhead using US and FR residential proxies

#2 Build up the top speed

Do you know why every sneakerhead is obsessed with top speed when cooking sneakers? Limited-edition sneakers sell out in the blink of an eye. Rapid bots give you a chance to grab those sneakers faster than others. Yet, every millisecond of delay crushes your chances to order the shoes. That’s why not only your bots but also your proxies have to be lightning fast.

Since we’re talking about residential proxies here, their speed is slower than that of datacenter proxies. Every residential device will have a different connection speed, so it all depends on the proxy network those IPs are in.

Our proxy network with an advanced rotation algorithm is perfect for unlimited sneaker tasks because it ensures that close to 99% of proxies in the pool are active and have a low ping at any time. This is what other providers don’t want to talk about – residential proxies can be fast, you just have to put some smart developers behind the wheel.

#3 Consider location targeting

Location targeting, or geo-targeting, is a feature that lets you use only IP addresses from a particular location (i.e. city, state, or country). This is a must-have feature of the best sneaker proxies because it lets you have the shortest distance from the proxy server to your target site.

For example, if you’re cooking Nike, you’ll most probably think of Nike shoe bots in the first place. Yet, the truth is that Nike bots are not enough. As bots pose the risk of getting your IP address banned, you will also need proxies.

If your proxy is in the same city as Nike’s servers – you’re golden. If not, you might bump into proxy providers that sell geo-targeted proxies for hyped drops, but they never have a robust proxy network to cover all releases.

That’s not how we roll – Smartproxy lets your target cities, states, and countries, so you could cook sneakers in AU, the EU, and the US on the same day, with the same network.

best sneaker proxies

#4 Discover the power of unlimited scale

Let’s imagine that you bought ten residential IPs in the right location and they have great speed. That’s nice. Yet, you do realize that to cook properly, you will need to run over a thousand tasks, right? How are you going to get that one-to-one proxy: task ratio with your sneaker bot?

This is where many sneaker proxy providers hit the wall because they don’t have high-quality active IP addresses in certain locations. Sure, proxy providers can give you up to several thousand residential proxies, but after that, they just run dry. If you really want to have the best sneaker proxies, your proxy network must be both massive and high-quality.

Smartproxy has millions of IPs around the world at any time, which means that you could be running thousands of sneaker bot tasks with proxies from Chicago, and we wouldn’t even notice. That’s the beauty of scale.

Our proxy network lets sneakerheads run unlimited tasks at the same time and gives them residential IPs for every connection. The best news is that this is a feature of any subscription. The only thing we price by is the amount of traffic you use on the network.

mask your ip with residential proxies

#5 Avoid free proxies

Even if the word “free” looks attractive, we wouldn’t recommend free proxies. Such providers often run scams and collect your information. We advise you to do your homework beforehand and pick a trustworthy provider.

See if the provider offers 24/7 customer support, just in case there are any problems in the long run (and you know that seconds matter when you cook those grails, so you won’t have the luxury to wait long hours for an email answer).

On top of that, look through user reviews, subreddits and forums to pick the best sneaker proxies.

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